Toddler Room - 15 months to approximately 30 months

The Toddler Room caters for 6 children, and is located on the first floor.

Every child is ‘A Unique Child’ in the Toddler Room, promoting their special personalities, talents and abilities. Each child is focussed on as an individual, taking into consideration their interests. Experiences are implemented 'in the moment' to provide for progression in learning.

‘Positive relationships’ are encouraged in the Toddler room, with key people and other children. Providing a supportive and caring environment where children can feel a sense of belonging, allowing their confidence to grow. We welcome working alongside parents and are pleased to receive communication about what children are doing at home.

The Toddler Room provides an ‘enabling environment’ for the children, offering stimulating resources, appropriate for the ages and stages of development within the group. Opportunities for the children to learn through play, exploration, investigation and participate in  experiences provided, both indoors and outdoors. Supporting children with independence and self-care is promoted, giving opportunity to enhance feeding, dressing, toileting and hygiene skills.

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I love the tapestry and focus weeks as it allows me to see exactly how and where my child is developing. The staff are always friendly and I couldn't be happier at how much my child is growing and learning.

Beth Seymour