Our Vision, Values and Behaviours

The Vision, Values and Behaviours of Kinder Park Nursery, sets out who we are. What we stand for and how we work together. The Vision, Values and Behaviours guide the approach we take.

Our Vision

Kinder Park Nursery is committed to provide an outstanding environment, where all children will reach their full potential, through high quality care and education from our knowledgeable and dedicated staff team.

Our Values

To support our vision, honesty and trust is essential in achieving a motivated, respected and happy team, creating an inclusive environment for all.

Our Behaviours

Everybody is an individual, therefore in order to gain peoples trust we must respect each other, be approachable, flexible, listen and have courage to be honest as we reflect, support and inspire each other, hence underpinning our vision and values.

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I love the tapestry and focus weeks as it allows me to see exactly how and where my child is developing. The staff are always friendly and I couldn't be happier at how much my child is growing and learning.

Beth Seymour