Inspirational Outdoor Spaces

At Kinder Park Nursery, we place high value on outdoor play, ensuring it is part of our everyday routine for the children. We believe each of the four weather seasons provides new and exciting learning opportunities to experience the different concepts.

To the front of Kinder Park, there is a secure coded gate system which provides a safe entry on to the nursery premises. The children are fully supervised in this area by at least two members of staff. Timotay Playscapes have provided us with an inviting outdoor play space using their quality, stimulating and educative materials. The space provides opportunity for the children to spend time with their key people observing what is happening in their local environment and community.

To the rear of the nursery there is a large walled area (with some cover), which is self contained providing learning opportunities with in sand, water, gardening and mud kitchen areas. The children can play using the equipment under close supervision and can set their own challenges and take acceptable risks. Outdoors is a natural environment for the children; offering a freedom associated with the space that cannot be replicated indoors.

The use of portable equipment e.g. crates, boxes and guttering are ideal as you can move them and offer great opportunities for the children to use their communication, problem solving and collaborative thinking skills to build and create.

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All the staff are very friendly and caring and make you feel welcome as soon as you go in, even though they might not be directly involved with caring for my little girl they all know her name and speak to her to make her feel at home.

Katharine Simpson