Healthy Eating at Kinder Park

We offer a nutritious two course lunch, freshly prepared on the premises by our cook. Any food allergies and special dietary requirements will be catered for.

Our menu far exceeds the current government guidelines that schools adhere to. For more information on this please refer to

Breakfast is offered to children starting at 8.00am, for example cereal, toast, fruit and yoghurt.

The children are also offered a healthy fruit, vegetable and bread snack during mid-morning and mid-afternoon sessions.

Lunches are served with water, snacks are accompanied with a drink of milk or water.

We are extremely proud of our varied menu and high food standards.

After lunch, children clean their teeth as we follow the 'smile 4 life' programme and promote healthy dental habits.

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I love the tapestry and focus weeks as it allows me to see exactly how and where my child is developing. The staff are always friendly and I couldn't be happier at how much my child is growing and learning.

Beth Seymour