Baby and Toddler Unit - 6 months to 30 months approximately

The Baby and Toddler Unit caters for 12 children and is located on the first floor.

Every child is a 'Unique child' in the Baby and Toddler Unit. promoting their special personalities, talents and abilities. Each child is foccussed on as an individual, taking into consideration thier interests. Expereinces are implemented 'In the moment' to provide for progression in learning. Different experiences are planned for the children based around the three prime areas of the Early years Foundation Stage (EYFS). These experiences are flexible and tailored to meet children's individual needs.

The room is arranged to encourage exploration and discovery with all resources at low level to enable children to make thier own choices and selection depending on age and stage of development. Opportunities for the children to learn through play, exploration, investigation and participate in experiences provided, both indoors and outdoors.

Children are cared for as individuals but also encouraged to join in daily routines appropriate to age and stage of development. This may be during mid morning/mid afternoon snack or a spontaneous experience of music, songs and rhyme, encouraging them to interact with others or respond to music and rhythm.

A care plan is established for each child, this helps us to meet their individual needs and follow their parent’s wishes regarding feeding, sleeping, comfort routines etc. The use of an online Firststeps Parent Link App, enables parents to view their child’s daily diary, including meals, bottle feeds, nappy changes, and sleep events.

Your child’s key person will be supportive to the parent/carer and the child’s emotional wellbeing. Observations, progress and development will be monitored and recorded through the “Tapestry” programme.

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I love the tapestry and focus weeks as it allows me to see exactly how and where my child is developing. The staff are always friendly and I couldn't be happier at how much my child is growing and learning.

Beth Seymour